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Let us show you how Vycunia handles document management and adds attributes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

In the first demo we will show you how Vycunia adds value to an existing or a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment. This will not be a customized demonstration for your specific environment or customer but will explain how the product works and is able to extend Microsoft CRM and SharePoint with document capabilities.

We’ll  show you how to:

• Add documents, scans, photos, emails and attachments to the input queue
• Assign documents from the queue to team members
• Assemble single documents or scans into a collection of documents
• Add metadata to documents and classify them by content type
• Assign documents to Microsoft CRM entities
• Visualize documents in entities and sub-entities
• View documents and metadata in related entities

A Vycunia team member will contact you to discuss your needs and schedule the demo shortly.