Product Features

Import documents and files from almost any source

With the browser-based Microsoft CRM and SharePoint integration and interface provided by Vycunia, you can add documents from virtually any source to any CRM entity. Vycunia supports:

  • Documents obtained from all types of scanners: multifunctional, wireless, or USB-connected
  • Emails and/or email attachments from Outlook
  • Pictures taken with mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones
  • All other document types, including Adobe PDF and all Office (Microsoft and other) document formats

Compose and assign documents to customer data

  • Using the Vycunia Compose & Assign panel, scanned pages or images can be bundled into logical collections, tagged with the correct document type and assigned to CRM entities. For example, you can combine a collection of scans into a contract and add it to a customer entity.
  • Just drag and drop documents from the queue to assign them to CRM entities, enriching them with valuable metadata.
  • To minimise the workload, metadata is automatically added based on the Dynamics CRM business context you are working on.

One integrated view on CRM with all related documents

  • The ergonomic Vycunia document window offers an integrated view on all entity-related documents.
  • Vycunia stores documents logically in Microsoft SharePoint and thus supports versioning, co-authoring and web-based viewing of documents.
  • The integrated Search option makes it easy to find documents from within the CRM environment.
  • Vycunia can check whether all necessary documents are present for your CRM entity.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM screens
  • Simple way to keep all your information, including files and documents, in one place with easy access
  • Offered as a SaaS solution with services that integrate natively with online versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. Vycunia can also be installed on-premise, where it seamlessly integrates with on-premise or hybrid Microsoft CRM and SharePoint installations.