Add document context to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

How much time do you spend looking for specific customer documents daily? Do you ever wonder why you should have to search at all?

The paperless office has left images, documents and files of all sorts spread across your company’s digital network. And more often than not, you have to hunt for the information you need. Even if you’re working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll find that documents related to a certain record or entity simply aren’t readily available.

Wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to have your case or customer-related documents integrated with a Microsoft CRM entity and available in one view? A view where all the information, including the documents, which relate to a specific file, dossier or record would appear on screen, ready to use, no matter where they might be stored? Of course it would.

That’s why we created Vycunia!

Vycunia is a ready-to-use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration, which combines all kinds of digital information. Office documents, emails and their attachments, even scans and photos you’ve just taken with your tablet or smartphone. It is clever and intuitive, so you can assign information to a related Microsoft CRM entity in no time. Vycunia works with any entity type, from accounts and opportunities to contacts, project and cases, and even custom business entiies that you have created yourself, such as an insurance claim.

Afterwards, when you access this entity, every single document or file previously attached to it will be displayed in one window, neatly classified and organized by content type. Vycunia makes sure documents are properly integrated with your customer data by utilising Microsoft SharePoint's document storage and management features. It then presents them for you in a simple, attractive and user-friendly way.

Do you need to add new files or documents? It’s easy. You just have to assign them to the entity you’re working on. And if you prefer to assign them later? No problem; they will wait in a queue until you’ve got a spare moment.

Vycunia buttonsVycunia is 100% browser-based and integrates with the user experience of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and stores the douments in Microsoft SharePoint. It is offered as cloud-based Software as a Service, or you can install it on-premise in your own data centre. It works anywhere in the world and all you need is an Internet connection.

No other software on the market was built to collect and assign documents to specific CRM entities. Vycunia is designed to deliver efficiency and convenience in an incredibly user-friendly package – you can even customise it to your specific needs.

Vycunia integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. Upcoming releases will be compatible with a variety of other solutions too. Free yourself from time-consuming searches and hard-to-find documents. Give yourself instant access to the information you need today, without even looking for it.

Make sure you contact us directly or through one of our partners to find out how Vycunia can benefit you. 

Step-by-step overview

1) Queue management screen with functionality to:

  • Import and assign documents from your PC, tablet, smartphone or scanner
  • Manage your personal or team queue
  • Preview documents in a single view
  • Combine separate scans into a single document and import it into the queue



2) Compose screen with functionality to:

  • Add metadata to documents, enriching them with context, including content type
  • Preview documents without opening them
  • Finalise documents and add them to the CRM entity you are working on

3) View entities with attached documents:

  • View all attached documents in a single pane view
  • Preview documents without opening them
  • Manage documents