Why SaaS? Benefits of a Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise Implementation of Vycunia for CRM


Advanced document management entirely in the cloud

The advantages of a cloud-based implementation are no longer a secret to anyone who has reaped the benefits of this new world-of-work model. When it comes to integrating CRM, SharePoint Online and Office365, there is essentially only one way of adding on a sophisticated document management solution, which also runs on the cloud.

Vycunia is a ready-to-use solution that integrates all kinds of documents with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Office documents, emails and their attachments, even scanned documents and photos you’ve just taken with your tablet or smartphone. It is clever and intuitive, so you can assign additional information and context to a related CRM entity in no time.

Vycunia is offered as a complete software-as-a-service model, although it can also be installed on-premise. If you are already running most services off-premise, this implementation will save you even more time and maintenance hassles. For CRM partners and implementation providers, this also means lower implementation costs and lead time.

Realize savings with multi-tenant hosting and zero upgrade costs

Vycunia’s public cloud setup supports multi-tenant hosting in one central Azure environment. Thus, multiple clients can be hosted on the same installation. For the client this translates to no installation costs and significantly reduced running costs as they are shared among multiple clients. There are no maintenance fees or in-house resources needed to constantly monitor the environment, either.  There is also zero upgrade or software maintenance costs as the environment is automatically upgraded by Vycunia, ensuring the latest versions of CRM and SharePoint are always used. 

Finally, this model also results in reduced hardware costs as Vycunia is hosted on Azure Online. No server maintenance is necessary and there is no upfront hardware investment or renewal needed.

To sum up, the advantages of running Vycunia as SaaS include:

• Fast deployment due to a simple configuration vs. installation
• Access the solution from any place with an Internet connection
• Access from any device, including PCs, tablets and smartphones (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone)
• No data to synchronize, thus everything is up to date at all times
• No infrastructure costs: no need for pricey servers or server OS software, SQL licenses, anti-virus software or backup software
• No system management requirements, including software/OS update and backup

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