Tracking Emails and Attachments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


Track Outlook Emails

To get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it's important to keep track of all your customer interactions, and email communications are essential. In your standard CRM app, you are able to create a central repository of your Outlook email communications by tracking them. When you track an email message, the email is saved as an activity record in your CRM. Later on you can view that email message along with all other customer activities in CRM, Dynamics CRM for Outlook, or on mobile.

Getting Lost in a Sea of Emails

When it comes to permanently assigning emails and their attachments to entities in Microsoft CRM, until now there have been no real solutions for managing this. There is currently no way to add attributes or metadata to documents or attachments and associate those files with specific customer records. Every CRM partner that we know of is currently encountering this issue and looking for possible solutions.

Swimming to Shore with Vycunia

The new version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM app for Outlook will allow emails to be assigned to entities, but their files and attachments will be left out of this functionality. Vycunia, a unique solution from ISV partner RecoMatics, is in the process of developing an Outlook add-on, which will integrate with the new Microsoft CRM app and function seamlessly as part of your email client, helping you assign any email or email attachment to any CRM customer entity. Vycunia will add an action menu pop-up item to your Outlook CRM application, letting you add files to entities.

Extended Attachment Functionality

On top of the standard functionality you have access to with your CRM app for Outlook, which lets you scan documents directly from a browser and drag and drop documents, Vycunia will add a third feature to let you import attachments straight into the CRM. You can also import pictures from the camera roll on your mobile device. Vycunia will even go as far as suggesting to you the entities, to which it thinks each document should be attached, thus saving you time from searching for them manually.  You can assign the entire email, along with the attachments, to an entity or assign the different file types one by one.

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