Supercharge Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration


For many Microsoft Dynamics CRM users today the standard integration with SharePoint leaves some features to be desired. To start with, the built-in document and file management features are not enough for users with large volumes to manage and access on a daily basis.

We’ve thus outlined the top four additional functionalities that users ask for and what you can do to supercharge your existing integration.

Functionality #1: Advanced File Storage

The first and most often requested functionality has to do with file storage. In the standard integration you can store files in SharePoint in one fixed location without any metadata or classification around them, which makes it virtually impossible to retrieve the information you need, when you need it. SharePoint has no clue what each document actually is. Luckily, someone thought about the daily struggles of CRM users and the result was Vycunia from RecoMatics – a real CRM/SharePoint integration, which makes it possible to assign a content type and transfer entity field data from the CRM entity to the document attributes (metadata) in SharePoint.

Functionality #2: Logical Organization by Content Type

The second limitation of a standard integration is that documents are stored just in one single library in SharePoint and there is no possibility to design your own custom information architecture. When you have high volumes of documents or specific security requests, this becomes overwhelmingly difficult to manage and drives efficiency down. This is where Vycunia comes to the rescue: instead of placing all documents in the same location, you can now spread them out and organize them logically into SharePoint sites and libraries following predefined rules and conditions.

Functionality #3: Document Management within Microsoft Outlook

Yet another challenge for current CRM users is the lack of functionality when it comes to assigning e-mail attachments or entire e-mails as real documents from within Microsoft Outlook. The standard CRM Add-in or the new CRM Outlook simply does not let you assign content types and metadata to email attachments. Email messages can be tracked but attachments easily disappear in long communication threads. The advantage of using Vycunia is that it assigns all attachments to the CRM entities they are related to.

Functionality #4: Document Search and Retrieval

Finally, a standard integration does not allow the viewing or searching of documents related to your CRM entity easily. A custom integration with Vycunia, however, adds another kind of view to documents with stored attributes (metadata) in a seamless, embedded CRM document viewer window. You can search documents by content type and metadata and you can preview your documents real-time in your browser once they have been retrieved, without wasting time and opening them in their native applications. Vycunia works with all commonly used browser types and is offered as a cloud-based Software as a Service or on-premise solution.