Let Your Files Securely Manage Themselves in the Cloud without Paying for Storage


Storage Upgrade for SharePoint Online

Did you know SharePoint Online, Microsoft's cloud-based business collaboration platform, has been given a big storage upgrade? Microsoft has increased their site collection limit to 1 TB for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Until recently, SharePoint Online enjoyed a rather limited storage capacity of only 100 GB. The good news is that this increase affects not only Office 365 and OneDrive for Business users but also Vycunia clients, who will not need to pay for extra storage of their documents and files in the cloud.

The generous 1 TB limit and the storage infrastructure offered by Vycunia will create meaningful storage libraries in SharePoint that you and your teams can seamlessly use – and keep using over time – without introducing unneeded information architecture complexities to worry about. Document security or backup will also not be a concern of yours with this fully integrated solution handling it all behind the curtains.

Vycunia Supercharges Your Storage

Vycunia lets you assign and manage documents and attachments in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities, including custom entities. Thus, Vycunia will take advantage of the 1 TB limit to store all your files in a neatly organized way, allowing you to access them anytime and anywhere you need them. You benefit from the increase in storage capacity having to manage servers or pay an extra dime.

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