As Microsoft CRM user or partner, you probably know that the standard integration with SharePoint leaves some features to be desired.  One example is the built-in document and file management features, which are limited for users with large volumes to manage and access. Read more to discover the top additional functionalities that users ask for and the solution for each.

Let Microsoft and Vycunia store all your CRM documents and attachments in the cloud without paying for extra storage. With the custom CRM/SharePoint integration offered by RecoMatics, you can take advantage of up to 1 TB of free cloud storage seamlessly integrated into your add-on.

Struggling with assigning emails or attachments to CRM customer entities in your standard Dynamics installation? Vycunia’s custom SharePoint and CRM integration solves this problem with a built-in Outlook app that lets you assign the right files to the right entities for easy lookup and retrieval at any time.

Running an entirely cloud-based Microsoft CRM and SharePoint implementation with the added benefit of a robust document and file management system is now possible, thanks to Vycunia. Save time, eliminate installation and maintenance costs and enjoy peace of mind with automatic upgrades, the latest software and guaranteed data backups.

Exiting week ahead as Vycunia will launch at ExtremeCRM in Madrid. ExtremeCRM EMEA gathers Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals from all over Europe for a discussion on the latest about CRM. If you're there don't forget to drop by and visit the Vycunia booth. 

Vycunia is brought to you by RecoMatics a Microsoft Gold Partner for many years.