Editions and pricing

Vycunia pricing is transparent and straightforward. We have a pay-per-user model for SaaS customers and a license model for customers choosing on-premise installations. The Vycunia pricing does not contain licenses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft SharePoint Server, these have to be purchased separately. Most pricing levels, however, include pricing for the Vycunia backend hosting on Microsoft Azure. It’s clearly indicated in each edition when hosting is included or not.

SaaS pricing is per Microsoft Dynamics CRM activated users as most customers provide Vycunia functionality for all their users.

For small up to large businesses

For SMBs, small and medium-sized teams, as well as moderately larger customers we offer Vycunia in a 100% Software as a Service model. This means robust CRM document management but zero hassle with setting up servers or hosting, no software installations and no separate cost of operating the environment.

We offer 3 editions in a Shared Hosting model. This setup is best suited to customers, who use Microsoft Dynamics Online, combined with Microsoft Office 365.

* All enabled Microsoft CRM users are counted.​

For larger enterprises

For enterprises that require powerful a CRM document management solutio and a dedicated environment we offer the same SaaS solution, but in a dedicated single tenant hosted environment. Some of our larger customers already have an agreement in place for Microsoft Azure, so they can opt for the Enterprise (without hosting) or Enterprise Plus (hosting included) edition. For non-SaaS customers, we also offer the Vycunia on-premise edition. Most Hybrid setups are possible as well. 

* All enabled Microsoft CRM users are counted.​

Vycunia pricing is transparent and straightforward but also flexible. If you’d like to discuss an alternative setup, feel free to contact us or one of our partners.

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