Become a Vycunia Partner

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, we’re certain you want to join the Vycunia Partner Channel and help customers add document management capabilities to their system.

Through our partner program you will receive the necessary support to create opportunities to grow your business and build sustainable growth around Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Vycunia.
Benefits of becoming a Vycunia partner include:

• Extend the value offering to customers by adding document context to their CRM records.
• Access to Vycunia sales and pre-sales professionals, who will help you close opportunities.
• Extensive product and sales training, enabling you to sell and implement Vycunia in your market.
• Placement and promotion on the Vycunia website to increase awareness in your local market.
• Access to Vycunia Professional Services to support your implementation teams.
• Access to the Vycunia Partner Portal, which contains all of the latest information to support your sales and marketing efforts (launching Q3 2015).

Why Partner with Vycunia?

If your organization sells Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is easy to add Vycunia to your existing offerings. Many customers have the need to store documents of all sorts with their CRM data. We have all come across CRM projects where documents, pictures, emails and their attachments are a crucial part of the customer relationship. Whether it’s a local government storing documents containing citizen data, an insurance company saving claim documents and incident pictures with customer data, or a service organization keeping contracts with client information, Vycunia manages all that for your clients.

Differentiate yourself from other providers and close a higher percentage of deals by offering the latest document management and CRM technology.

Complement your existing offering

If you already sell Dynamics CRM, Vycunia expands your opportunities. Vycunia is the only web-based documents storing and handling product that can be deployed with Dynamics CRM and SharePoint in the cloud or on-premise, and is the only product to integrate CRM with secure business document management.

You can offer Vycunia to new customers as part of a complete solution and have a higher chance of closing the deal. But you can also use Vycunia to upsell existing customers with additional document management capabilities.

A value proposition you can be excited about

Vycunia comes with a very flexible licensing and deployment model. Our SaaS licensing is per CRM user, per month. Our on-premise licensing is per server, both in line with customer expectations. The higher number of CRM users a company has, the lower the cost per user.

Low investment and margins that work for you

Vycunia provides competitive partner margins that help you cover the cost of doing business while providing an opportunity to grow service revenue from customization or other value added services.

Your CRM consultants and technical staff will learn how to quickly sell, demo, modify and support Vycunia at a low cost because it has familiar features and is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Azure. Vycunia has a simple and friction-free setup as the client side is integrated with Dynamics CRM.

We are committed to your success

We work only with Microsoft Partner organizations, which have a strong record of sales and customer satisfaction. We offer extensive pre-sales and post-sales help and we don’t compete with you.
Watch the demo video for a glimpse into Vycunia. 

Join our partner programme

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